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A Gift From Jesus

5/15/2016 Pastor Aaron Dolan  John 15:26-27 

Admire Jesus' Determination

2/21/2016 Pastor John Roekle  Luke 13:31-35 

Approach the Courtroom With Confidence

11/8/2015 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Malachi 4:1-2a 

Book Smarts or Street Smarts?

8/23/2015 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Ephesians 5:15-20 

Children of God: You Are Worth Something!

4/24/2016 Pastor Aaron Dolan  1 John 3:1-2 

Christ Calls For Constant Repentance

2/28/2016 Pastor John Roekle  Luke 13:1-9 

Come and Get It!

3/26/2017 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Isaiah 55:1-3 

Conceived by the Holy Spirit

12/20/2015 Pastor John Roekle  Luke 1:39-55 

Do You Hear What These Children Are Saying?

3/20/2016 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Matthew 21:14-17 

Don't Cry!

6/12/2016 Pastor John Roekle  Luke 7:11-17 

Embrace The Cross

6/19/2016 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Luke 9:18-24 

Forgiveness Changes My Perspective

6/6/2016 Seminarian Tristan Paustian  Luke 7:36-50 

Full Access To The Trinity: Granted!

5/22/2016 Pastor John Roekle  Romans 5:1-5 

God Has A Plan

3/19/2017 Pastor John Roekle  John 9:1-7,13-17,34-39 

God Has Chosen You

7/19/2015 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Ephesians 1:3-6 

God Has Only One Gospel

5/29/2016 Pastor John Roekle  Galatians 1:1-10 

God's Thoughtful Gift

10/11/2015 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Genesis 2:18-24 

Good News for the Spiritually Poor

1/29/2017 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Matthew 5:1-12 

Hidden With Christ In God

4/16/2017 Pastor John Roekle  Colossians 3:1-4 

Jesus Gives Strength For The Battle

9/6/2015 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Ephesians 6:10-20 

Jesus Has Recruited You To Serve

8/2/2015 Pastor Aaron Dolan  John 6:1-15 

Jesus Is Serious About Temptation

2/14/2016 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Luke 4:1-13 

Jesus Offers Real Rest

7/26/2015 Pastor John Roekle  Mark 6:30-34 

Jesus Provides Personal Attention -

9/13/2015 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Mark 7:31-37 

Jesus Was Baptized Too

1/10/2016 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Luke 3:15-17,21-22 

Join the Multitude in Praise of God

4/10/2016 Pastor John Roekle  Revelation 5:11-14 

Lessons Learned By Jesus' Earthly Parents

5/1/2016 Pastor John Roekle  Luke 2:41-52 

Let Us Follow Jesus

6/26/2016 Pastor John Roekle  Luke 9:51-62 

Live Your New Life

4/3/2016 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Acts 5:12, 17-32 

Look For God By Listening To Jesus

2/7/2016 Pastor Aaron Dolan  Luke 9:28-36 

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