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August 2016

More than Manners - Pastor Aaron Dolan

More than Manners In every culture, there are rules of etiquette.  Etiquette is the proper way to behave in a situation.  Following the rules of etiquette—we might say having good manners—is important because it deals with how you treat other people and it affects how people will think of you and treat you. There are the basic rules of etiquette.  Be sure to...

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Don't Choose the Wrong Mountain - Pastor John Roekle

Hebrews 12:18-24 The way to heaven is narrow.  Jesus teaches that truth in the Gospel lesson from Luke as he talks about the narrow door.  He said that many will try to enter it, but will not be able to.  What makes heaven’s door so narrow?   It requires holiness.  Just before these verses, the writers of Hebrews urges: “Make every effort to live in...

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