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July 2015

Jesus Offers Real Rest - Pastor John Roekle

Mark 6:30-34 Dear Friends in Christ, When I was a teenager, I worked a few times on a friend’s pig farm helping store bales of hay in the barn during the summer.  It was hot, sweaty, itchy, heavy work.  We wore jeans and flannel shirts in the middle of summer in a hot barn as we took the heavy bales of hay off of the flatbeds and threw them up to the loft in the...

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God Has Chosen You - Pastor Aaron Dolan

Ephesians 1:3-6 Fellow members of the evangelism committee, “Share your faith.”  You’ve heard that said before.  You’ve been instructed to do that.  “Tell others about Jesus.”  You and I have been conditioned to think that we are supposed to do that.  But there’s something not quite right about the way it’s said at...

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The Only 'If Only' You Really Need - Pastor Aaron Dolan

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 What should our congregation look like?  How is it meant to be?  If Jesus were to design the perfect congregation, exactly as he wanted it, what would it be like?  A sanctuary 75% full?  Eager, sincere Christians who are always happy?  Pastors who write and preach captivating sermons every week?  A congregation that is well known and...

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Giving Is An Opportunity Of Grace - Pastor John Roekle

2 Corinthians 8:1-9,13-14 Dear Friends in Christ, You may remember the incident where Jesus was with his disciples and they were witnessing the offerings being given at the temple.  They saw wealthy people putting in large offerings.  They also witnessed a poor widow putting in 2 copper coins that were worth only a portion of a penny.  From an outsider’s view, it looked...

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