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April 2016

Children Of God: You Are Worth Something! - Pastor Aaron Dolan

1 John 3:1-2 What’s wrong with me?  I’m so pathetic.  I can’t do anything right.  Why would anyone even like me?  I’m no good to anybody.  When is the last time you felt that way?  Worthless.  Feeling like certain things would be better off without you, better off if you didn’t exist or if you were replaced.  Worthless...

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My Shepherd Will Not Leave Me - Pastor Aaron Dolan

Psalm 23:1-6 The Lord is my shepherd, but I still want.  He makes me lie down in green pastures, but the grass always looks greener elsewhere.  Why couldn’t he have led me there?  Psalm 23 is a popular psalm, without a doubt.  It is a sentimental psalm for many.  But does it accurately describe your relationship with God? He guides me in paths of righteousness...

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Join The Multitude In Praise of God - Pastor John Roekle

Revelation 5:11-14 How often do people ruin endings for you?  You’re in the middle of a good book and a person who had read it already tells you the ending.  You want to see a certain movie, and someone gives you a summary of the plot, including the twist at the end.  You’re DVRing a football or basketball game and someone blurts out the result.  Now most of the...

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Live Your New Life - Pastor Aaron Dolan

Easter makes some big promises.  And Easter is not just one Sunday.  Easter is a whole year of Sundays.  That’s why we come together on Sundays.  The early Christians chose this day as the day to gather around God’s Word and Sacraments because, among other reasons, Sunday was the day Jesus rose from the dead.  But Easter is not just Jesus coming back to life a...

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