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February 2016

Christ Calls For Constant Repentance - Pastor John Roekle

Luke 13:1-9 You’re traveling along a road when suddenly you see a sign that reads: “Danger: Bridge Out in 500 feet.”  You really have two choices: 1. Ignore the warning and keep plowing ahead, or 2. Turn around and go back the way you came.  If you go with option 1 and ignore the warning, it could potentially be disastrous, costing you not only your car, but also...

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Admire Jesus' Determination - Pastor John Roekle

Luke 13:31-35 In order to accomplish things, you set goals.  You set long-term goals.  Maybe your goal is to retire at age 66.  To own your own home or pay off your mortgage.  Maybe your goal is to get married and have kids.  Maybe your goal is to graduate from college and graduate school.  You also set short-term goals.  Maybe it is to get all A’s this...

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Jesus Is Serious About Temptation - Pastor Aaron Dolan

Luke 4:1-13 Lent is a time when we carefully watch Jesus on his journey to the cross for us.  Lent is also a time when we go back to our everyday journey of life and carefully examine how we are living it.  This journey, Jesus’ and ours, involves “Facing Temptation.”  The sermon text is the temptation of Jesus from Luke 4.  Let’s see how serious...

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Look for God by Listening to Jesus - Pastor Aaron Dolan

Luke 9:28-36 There was a very pious lady who had a husband and three teenage children.  She had a very difficult life.  One health challenge after another caused her suffering in a number of ways.  She lived with constant pain, her energy to get through the day diminished, and her savings were depleted from paying medical bills.  After several years, these illnesses took...

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