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October 2016

Jesus Provides for His Church - Pastor Aaron Dolan

Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus Provides for His Church   I.  His Power  II.  Its Purpose III.  A Promise   A couple friends of mine were pastors of churches that were just starting.  No church building, no church council, just a small group of Christians who wanted to start a congregation.  One challenge these Christians faced was convincing other...

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A Church Member From Birth - Pastor Aaron Dolan

John 3:1-8 How did you become a member of the Church?  I’m sure each of you would come up with different responses.  “I was born into it.  My mom and dad were members.”  “When we moved to the area we transferred our membership.”  “I took a class and was confirmed.”  “My friend or my spouse brought me, I checked it...

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Now The Son Is Everywhere - Pastor John Roekle

Ephesians 1:18-23 The Racine Journal Times has a column that runs every so often in the sports section that’s called something like “Where are they now?”  The column highlights a standout athlete that made their mark in a Racine area high school in any of the various sports.  While refreshing their readers’ memories on who this individual is and what they...

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