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January 2016

The Vital Role of Ministerial Education - Pastor John Roekle

Jeremiah 1:4-10 Those studying to be pastors and teachers in our Wisconsin Synod look forward to a special day that comes at the end of their training.  That special day is known as ‘Call Day.’  It is on that day that these candidates who have been prepared for ministry are assigned to serve at churches and schools across our synod.  Prior to that day our...

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This Is Your Year - Pastor Aaron Dolan

Luke 4:14-21 This is the year.  Things are going to change for the better.  This is the year that things will finally start to settle down in your life.  This is the year you will make fitness and health a priority.  This is the year you’ll overcome the vice, the temptation.  This is the year you’ll make more of a commitment to God.  In short, this is...

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The Miracle of You - Pastor John Roekle

1 Corinthians 12:1-11 You wouldn’t know it by just looking at him, but Alcides Moreno is a walking miracle.  Eight years ago, he was working as a window washer in New York City.  He was on the roof of a 47 story apartment building when he stepped on to the 3 foot wide scaffolding platform when it suddenly collapsed and sent Alcides and his brother crashing to the ground. ...

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Jesus Was Baptized Too - Pastor Aaron Dolan

Luke 3:21-22 When Wheaties made Michael Jordan an official spokesman during the prime of his career, the improbable happened.  Simple flakes of wheat and bran became a cool and delicious breakfast to boys all over the world.  Flakes of wheat and bran…sounds good, doesn’t it?  But once Michael Jordan, considered the greatest basketball player ever, claimed to eat...

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